Città di Castello Mono-axle trailer

Rimorchio monoasse Città di Castello

For each agricultural need

We produce many types of agricultural trailers. The mono-axle is a single-axis machinery used for the transport of agricultural products. It has two wheels, with a fixed single axle, with only rear or trilateral tipper.
This is, in particular, the simplest machine used in agriculture. It has a limited capacity, suitable for loads of about six tons. We are specialized in the construction of mono-axle trailer in Città di Castello, a vehicle that allows us to operate in the agricultural field with the best professionalism. Our offer is able to satisfy any kind of need.

Rimorchio con due sbarre

Flexibility and method

We are not worry about distances. With punctuality, we make sure that our agricultural trailers can be sold anywhere in the world, wherever you are, thanks to carriage by sea or road transport. We accept all payment methods: letters of credit, for abroad, guaranteed extended payments, against documents, cash. Do not wait any longer, get in touch with us! Contact us by email or by phone or directly at the company. We offer you technical support for every trailer model that may be suitable for your market.

Rimorchio monoasse di colore rosso

Wide range of solutions

Our company turns to small private or important agricultural machinery dealers who, in turn, are dealers of our items. We guarantee a wide range of solutions and items, based on the needs of the market and yours. Ours is not a standard production, in fact, we make custom-made machineries, according to your instructions. We have several models in our company but if you provide details on a specific type of trailer we can design a new specific project.



Rimorchio monoasse
Ribaltamento meccanico
BR-15/RM 2000X1400X300 1.5 195.15 M
BR-15/RM 2300X1500X400 2 205/60R14 M
BR-15/RM1 2500X1500X400 2 205/60R14 M
BR-30/RM 2800X1700X400 3 10.0/75.15 PR8 M
BR-40/RM 3000X1800X400 4 10.0/75.15 PR10 M
BR-50/RM 3400X2000X500 5 11.5/80.15 PR12 M
BR-60/RM 3600X2000X500 6 11.5/80.15PR14 M
Metal smooth platform
Rear light equipment

Ashlared metal sheet platform
Boards galvanizing
Application of double effect screw jack fot tipping
Hydraulic piston braking with quick joint activation
Application 2° series of sideboards